Course Evaluation Mean Scores by Instructor and Course (Instructor Means Reporting)

Deans, department chairs, and others with administrative access can run evaluation means reports for specified years and terms. Results can be viewed by course, instructor or project. To create an aggregate report of all courses or instructor’s evaluation means for a particular project follow the steps below.

How to generate this report:

  1. Log into EvalKIT using the NCAT Admin username and password 
  2. Select: Results--> Instructor Means Reporting
    • Select the appropriate projects (term/year-Face to Face AND/OR Distance Projects for the term/year)-you can select more than one project
      • Some term/years project scales are not compatible, thus these face to face and distance projects must be downloaded separately (Ex: 2012)
      • Include all questions by selecting the checkbox at the top of the dropdown field
    • Select the appropriate Level for your college/department.
      • Deans: users can access/view all course evaluation information for their college.
        • You must select the college and all departments for which you wish to view information. Selecting the college level, does not automatically incorporate all department levels below.
      • Department chairs: users can access/view all course evaluation information for their department
      • Other: depends on your access level

    • If required, set Benchmark at NC A&T State University, college or department level, depending on the report desired.
      • **If ‘Add Benchmark’ does not appear, it is not required for the selected project**
    • Group by course or by instructor.
      • Grouping by course will include individual means per course per instructor.
      • Grouping  by instructor produces an aggregate of all of the instructor’s course evaluations for the chosen project(s)
    • Search
  3. Export Excel