Having a list of correct faculty publications is essential. Faculty publication information in Digital Measures are used for faculty evaluations by Chairs, to populate university website faculty profile pages, and more. Because of this, it is essential to update your faculty publication data at least once per semester. 

1. To add or revise your publications, log in to your Digital Measures account. For help with logging in, see https://ospie.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/2100026235-logging-into-digital-measures.

2. Once logged in, click on the publications area under "Research and Creative Endeavors" you want to edit. In this case, #18 for publications.

3. On the publications screen, you can enter publications in one of two ways. The simplest, and recommended method, is to use the "Import" function in the upper left of the screen. 

"Import" lets you bring in your publication information from other sources you may already use through a BibTeX file. This means not having to re-enter tedious data you've already entered somewhere else. BibTeX files can be exported from various other databases such as EndNote, Mendeley, and Google Scholar, then imported to Digital Measures. For help with BibTeX, please visit the comprehensive tutorial by Digital Measures at:
https://www.digitalmeasures.com/activity-insight/docs/bibtex.html. You can also find this tutorial anytime from within Digital Measures by clicking the question mark icon next to the "Import from a BibTeX file" heading.

4. To add your BibTeX file, click "Choose File," then navigate to the file on your computer, and click "Open" to add.

In addition to BibTeX import, you can import from a Third Party such as Crossref or PubMed, on this same screen. Simply follow the instructions under "Import from a Third Party."

5. If you would rather manually enter your publication information, on the publications screen, click "Add New Item."

Fill in all required publication information, then click "Save" or "Save + Add Another" to continue adding multiple publications in a row.