Completing course evaluations is a very important and necessary process. This information is helpful not only for the faculty involved, but for the university as well. Student anonymity is protected. Course instructors will only receive overall results of the survey, not the names of those who completed the survey. In order to encourage student participation, students and instructors receive a series of emails prior to and during the course evaluation survey period. 

Pre- Notification

One to two weeks prior to the course evaluation survey period, students will receive an email ( alerting them that the course evaluation survey period will begin soon. Instructions relative to the time/date of course evaluation access along with instructions on accessing On-campus or Online course evaluations will also be included in this pre-notification email.

Course Evaluations Available

Once the course evaluation survey period begins, students will receive an additional email containing instructions about how to access and complete their course evaluations, in addition to a table/list of their courses and available surveys. Students will receive a separate email for On-campus and Online course evaluations. Students have a number of options available to them in order to complete their course evaluation surveys.

Using the table of surveys

Within the On-campus and/or Online email alerting students that course evaluations are now available them to complete, the table of surveys includes a link for each course and evaluation. Click the link within the email to begin your evaluation.


During the course evaluation period, students are able to access their course evaluation surveys in Blackboard. After logging into your Blackboard account, the following alert will appear. Click "Go To Survey" to access your course evaluation surveys.

Additionally, on the left or right-hand side of the Blackboard dashboard, the following section will appear during the course evaluation period. Click either the individual course you would like to evaluate, or the main link to complete your course evaluation surveys.

If you are unable to complete your course evaluation survey, or have any other issues or difficulty completing your course evaluation survey, please create a help ticket and someone will contact you regarding your concern.

Once the course evaluation survey period has ended, students nor administrators (OSPIE) will be able to access the survey dashboard for students. The survey dashboard becomes inactive following the end of the course evaluation period.

Students are encouraged to retrieve any necessary information from their survey dashboard prior to the end of the course evaluation period.

For additional information about when the course evaluation period ends, refer to your EvalKIT notification and update emails.