If you initiate an MOU or receive a draft of one, please do the following:


  1. Create a Freshdesk support ticket at: ospie.freshdesk.com  
  2. When asked for the ticket "Type", choose "MOU." 
  3. Attach the proposed MOU to the ticket and add any additional comments. The MOU with your comments will be routed to the Vice-Provost (VP) for the Office of Strategic Planning and Institutional Effectiveness (OSPIE) in the Provost's Office. All exchanges and file edits will be completed through Freshdesk to complete the process in a timely manner without any errors. Similar to AggieMart, this portal will also allow you as the requestor to track the progress of the MOU
  4. If the MOU is shared with you for review, carefully read the MOU and note any changes (using track changes in Word) you would like to see in the final document.
  5. Depending on the content of the MOU, the Vice Provost for OSPIE will share it with others and request that they also review it and return their comments via the original email. The response to that email will be added to your ticket in Freshdesk automatically.
  6. The MOU will then go to the Provost for review who will return with comments, if any, to OSPIE.
  7. The Vice Provost of OSPIE will forward the MOU to the Procurement Services Office for review.
  8. It will go next to Legal Affairs for review.
  9. The final step requires Legal Affairs to coordinate the MOU being signed by the appropriate university officer.

Unless directed otherwise, MOUs are signed as follows:

  • Research-related MOUs are signed by the Vice Chancellor of DORED
  • Business-related MOUs are signed by the Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance
  • Academic MOUs are signed by the Chancellor or his designee   

 See attached MOU Template Example for use in crafting your own MOU.