Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) must also go through the credentialing process, but the process is slightly different than for faculty. To credential a GTA, please take the following steps:

  1. GTAs must first be approved by the Graduate College. Please access the GTA assistantship contract form by visiting:

  2. Next, complete that contract form and submit to the Graduate College.

  3. Once the Graduate College clears the student to teach, please submit all three pages of the approved and signed "Graduate Assistant Contract" form to OSPIE. To do this: 
    • Name the "Graduate Assistantship Contract" file according to the GTA's Name (ex. "JaneDoe.pdf" )
    • At our customer support portal -, click on "New support ticket" and follow the prompts. In the 'Title' field, please input "Credentialing-GTA Name" (ex. Credentialing- Jane Doe). Please be sure to specify the "Request Type" as "Credentialing," so the ticket can be routed appropriately. Not doing so can delay your request.
    • Attach the contract to the request using the "paperclip" icon at the bottom of the ticket (max file size is 15 mb) and click "Submit." Only submit ONE GTA credentialing request per ticket. For multiple GTAs, create a new credentialing request ticket for each student.

  4. Once OSPIE approves your submitted form, it will be returned to you with the signature of the Vice Provost for Strategic Planning and Institutional Effectiveness on the "OSPIE Approval" signature line. All four signatures on the form are needed for EHRA processing. You will receive approval through the Freshdesk customer support portal and notification via email. Please direct ALL correspondence concerning your request through the original ticket you created in the Freshdesk customer support portal at: 

Not following these procedures can delay your request, or cause your request to be denied.