Outcomes are used in other areas of your workspace, but still ultimately reside in the "Standing Requirements" area. To edit an existing outcome in your "Program Goals & Outcomes," "Student Learning Goals & Outcomes," or "Core Functions & Outcomes" area of the "Standing Requirements" (depending on your type of workspace), please do the following:

  1. When in your outcome area, first click the "Check Out" button in the upper right of the screen. This allows you to edit the area.

  2. Next, under the Goal or Function where you want to edit an outcome, click the "Edit" button to the right of the outcome.

  3. When prompted on the next screen, make edits to your title or description for your outcome, as needed. For reporting purposes and a clean workspace, Taskstream recommends you use a concise/uniform naming system such as "Outcome 1.1 - Your Title Here." Click the "Continue" button when finished.

  4. As mentioned, outcomes are used in other areas of your workspace even though the "master" copy of the outcome resides in the "Standing Requirements" section. When you create a new outcome OR edit an existing outcome, Taskstream wants to know if you would like to update the other areas of your workspace that may use this outcome. Generally you want to update the other areas of the current cycle so you will see the same information throughout your workspace. If you do not choose to update, you will not see your outcome changes reflected in the other areas. When updating, do not update cycle areas from previous years. This will overwrite outcomes from previous years assessment. When you have checked the areas you want to update, click "Update Selected Areas."

  5. You should get an "Outcome added/edited successfully" message. You can now create another new outcome, go back to your outcome sets, or just click on the left navigation to the area you want to work next.

  6. When finished adding outcomes, click "Check In" to finish editing the area.

  7. Taskstream will give you a "Check In Successful" message and the option to return to work area or add comments to the revision log and return to work area. It is recommended that you add a quick comment stating what you did while checked out. This way, in the future you and others who use your workspace can view what exactly was done in the workspace during that session. This helps with collaboration/communication and to remember what you did! All work in Taskstream is logged with a time-stamp, and can be viewed later. Either "Return to Work Area" without adding a comment or "Submit Comment" if you added a comment.

  8. You are now finished and should see your outcome edits listed under the set where you added them. Good work!