The action plan you create for the current assessment cycle is a set of actions meant to improve upon outcome findings from the previous year's assessment cycle. For instance, if you assessed an outcome and the performance target was not achieved, you could create an action intended to improve your processes for this outcome. To create a new action plan in Taskstream, please complete the following steps:

  1. Decide which outcomes from the previous assessment cycle you would like to create an action(s) for.
  2. Once you are logged into the assessment workspace for your unit, click on "Actions for Improvement" in the left navigation, under the current assessment cycle area.
  3. In the upper right of the screen, click the "Check Out" button.

  4. On the next screen, you will be asked if you want to "Create New Action Plan" or "Copy Existing Plan as Starting Point." Choose "Create New Action Plan." Taskstream will give you a pop-up confirming that you want to start a plan from scratch. Click "OK."

  5. You will now see an "Actions" box in the middle of the screen. To add actions based on previous outcomes, click the "Select Set" button on the right side of the screen, in the "Actions" box.

  6. The next screen will show your Outcome Sets from which you can base your actions. If no outcome sets are attached, click on the "Select Existing Set" button in the upper right of the screen. Then choose the set of outcomes from which you want to base your action(s) on. The name of your outcomes set should be titled as the name of your unit. For example: "Student Affairs." You will see all sets you have ever created here, so you want to be sure and use the most current/correct set. You can preview the set before selecting by clicking the "View Set" link to the right of each set. Once you have found and selected the set you want, click "Continue."

  7. The next screen let's you choose which outcomes from the set you picked that you want to base your actions on. Click on the checkbox for the outcome(s) you want to create an action(s). Then at the top right of the screen, click "Accept and Return to Plan."

  8. You should now see a list of the outcomes you selected. You can now create actions to help you improve these outcomes. To the right of the first outcome you want to create an action for, click "Add New Action."

  9. If you are creating an action for an outcome that had findings attached, you will be asked which findings you want to create an action for. After you have checked a finding, click "Continue."

  10. Next, fill in the required text fields about your action, then click "Apply Changes."

  11. You have now completed an action for your action plan. Repeat this for each outcome you want to create an action for (see #8 above to "Add New Action").

  12. You're all done. In the upper right, click the "Check In" button to finish.