Once all the difficult work of putting in your assessment information is complete, it is important (and required!) that each unit submit their assessment workspace areas for review. Once submitted, the Assessment & Analytics team will review the workspace area and provide feedback.

Standing Requirements

Areas in this section are not required to be submitted for review (after 2016-2017 cycle).

Assessment Cycle

Action Plan based on Prior Assessment Findings - Submit for review in the Fall semester.

Assessment Plan - Submit for review in the Fall semester.

Results of Action Plan - Submit for review at the end of the Spring semester.

Assessment Results & Findings - Submit for review at the end of the Spring semester.

Resource Area

These areas are not required to be submitted for review.

To submit the required areas for each workspace:

1. In the finished workspace, click on the "Submission & Read Reviews" tab near the top-middle of the screen.


Once in the "Submission & Read Reviews" tab, you will see a list of the areas for your particular unit workspace. The areas listed will be different for colleges/departments/nonacademic units and academic programs. Under each area title, you will see a due date. If the area does not list a due date, it is not required to submit this area for review (e.g., "Syllabus Repository"). Next to the area, you will see columns for "Status," "Actions," "Results," and "History." 

The "Status" column tells what state that area of the workspace is currently in. The "Status" descriptions are as follows:

  • In Progress - this area has been edited/altered, but not yet submitted for review.
  • Needs Revision - this area was completed and reviewed at some point in the past, but required/requires a revision and re-submittal.
  • Submitted - this area has been submitted and is awaiting review by the OSPIE Assessment Team. Submitted areas will also show the date/time they were submitted in the "Actions" column.
  • Resubmitted - this area has been previously submitted, reviewed, then revised based on the review, then resubmitted for final review. 
  • Review Released - this area has been submitted for review, reviewed, and marked as completed for the listed assessment cycle.

The "Actions" column provides you with several choices: "Edit Work," "Submit Work," or "Resubmit Work." "Edit Work" simply takes you to that area of the workspace, so you can edit. "Submit Work" is what you will choose to submit this area of the workspace for review. If a section was previously reviewed and required revision, you will not see this option. Instead, you will see "Resubmit Work." This will also be evident because the "Status" column will say "Needs Revision." If the submission button is "greyed out," then this area is not required to be submitted for review.

2. If you have completed the particular area of the workspace, simply click either the "Submit Work" or "Resubmit Work" button, depending on your circumstance. You will see a screen asking for any additional comments. If you would like to add comments, enter those, then click the "Yes - Submit My Work" button in the lower right. You will receive a confirmation if you submitted correctly.

Once you do this, the "Status" for that area will change to "Submitted" and the area title will show a small lock icon next to it. "Submitted" areas are temporarily locked until they are reviewed. If you decide you need to make adjustments to a workspace area that has been submitted for review, you can cancel the submission by clicking the "Cancel Submission" button in the "Actions" column, then resubmit when you are finished with your adjustment. You only need to submit areas from the current assessment cycle/year.

The "Results" column will show you the results of the most recent review, along with any reviewer feedback. When a review has been completed for an area, you will receive an email notifying you, in case any revisions need to be made based on the review.

The "History" column shows the history log of what has been done in the workspace areas in the past including user edits, reviews, and submissions.

3. Once you have hit "Submit" or "Resubmit" in each of the workspace areas that are required for the current assessment cycle, and the "Status" column shows either "Submitted" or "Resubmitted," you are finished!